I am Da’aboth Te’He’ling; and this is my home page. I was born David Keith Heald, which “officially” I still am. However I have taken the spiritual name for myself. I am also known as “Darumagao no Kuraguma”, or the “black bear with Daruma’s face”.

I live in Chiswick, West London with my wife, Lesley and our two dogs, Freddie and Bertie. At the moment I do not have regular classes as I am travelling quite a bit.

I am re-establishing my Spiritual practice, both for myself and for others.The lightbody work is very important; it needs to be out there. It opened my eyes to the martial arts and the true purpose behind the practice. As Hatsumi Sensei says; I am not teaching you how to kill, rather how to LIVE!

These bears are LIVING again.

Da’aboth Te’He’ling - David Keith Heald